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Practo - Your Health App


╋ India’s #1 health care app ╋Practo - a complete health app - to book doctor appointments, order medicines, set medicine reminders, consult doctors online, manage digital health records and read health tips!
** Search > Book > Get healthy **
Booking online doctor’s appointment on Practo is a breeze - pick your area, choose a doctor, select a time and voila, your appointment is booked! You can also check out other details like consultation fee, pictures of the clinic and feedback from people who have already been there!
You get the direct view of the doctor’s calendar to pick a time that works best for you. Practo also features hundreds of patients feedback so that you can make an informed decision. Practo app reminds you of your appointment an hour before its due, along with a quick option to book an Uber cab to take you to the clinic.
** Online Doctor Consultations - Skip the Traffic & Waiting Rooms **
On the days when you’re too busy to see a doctor or too sick to get out of bed, chat with an experienced doctor online. And it is as simple as pinging a friend, just follow the steps below:
Select a doctor > Make a payment* > Start your 24-hrs private consultation!
Be ensured that all consultations are 100% secure, private and confidential.
** Stay on-the-record with Digital Health Records **
Upload all your health records securely on Practo to spare yourself the headache of carrying paper files, which disappear mysteriously just before your doctors' consultation.
Moving your health records to Practo is a breeze. Just click pictures of your reports and prescriptions and upload to your Practo account.
If your doctor is as tech savvy as you, then you can request him/her for the e-prescription. It will get added to your Practo account with automated dosage reminders!
** Remember not to forget, with easy Reminders **
Keep all your reminders in one place - medicine dosage, running schedule or drinking sufficient water.Get timely alerts from automated or manual medicine dosage reminders.Set any other reminder (health or otherwise) based on days, time or frequency.
** The best way to order medicines online **
Order home delivery of a wide variety of medicines and other healthcare products.All medicines and OTC products on Practo’s online pharmacy store are genuine, come at best prices.
You can pick delivery slots that are most convenient for you. Qualified pharmacists process & deliver your order.You also get reminders to re-order medicines.
** Health Tips - to conquer your fitness battles **
Whether you’re trying to get healthier or are simply new to the fitness wagon, Practo keeps you up to date with health and fitness tips that interest you. Tips on Practo are from experienced doctors and certified health professionals.
On Practo, you can find and consult a doctor online for: diabetes, psychology, physiotherapy, cancer, gynecology, neurology, dermatology, gastroenterology, dentistry (dental care), orthopedics, endocrinology, urology, obesity/weight loss, ophthalmology (eye problems), ear-nose-throat care and much more. Practo also lists specialists in alternative medicine such as ayurveda and homeopathy.
Currently, Practo is present in Singapore, India, Philippines, Indonesia, and Brazil.
Practo app seeks following permissions:
Identity – to speed-up doctor appointments, medicine orders, health records uploads and much more!Location – to auto-detect your location while booking doctor appointments and placing medicine orders SMS – to automatically verify OTPs sent by us to your mobile numberPhone – to directly make calls to doctors, clinics or diagnostic labs from the appPhotos – so that you can upload and share images from your device (health records, prescriptions etc)Camera – to use device camera for instantly capturing & uploading prescriptions, invoices or other health documents.Network – to determine device’s connectivity to the internet